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About us

X.LA is a decentralized protocol that allows content creators the ability to leverage their IP so that they can profitably participate in the metaverse economy by utilizing revenue-sharing smart contract

The X.LA team consists of video game industry professionals with a proven track record in developing and publishing video games and solutions for the video game industry and gamers worldwide.

The X.LA community welcomes contractors, creators, influencers, thinkers, inventors, and many others to bind together and define, shape, and develop the new future of the Web3 economy.

Aleksandr 'Shurick'

About founder

Aleksandr ('Shurick') Agapitov—founder of Xsolla, a multibillion-dollar video game business company—believes that Web3 offers an enormous opportunity for entrepreneurs today. “A single entity cannot own Web3; it is all about community,” he stated. Upon discovering the many untapped opportunities in Web3, Agapitov wanted to expand his leadership from the established, successful business of Xsolla to investigate opportunities in the next wave of technology and creative processes with X.LA, primed to be one of the several building blocks of Web3.

Agapitov started Xsolla in 2005 to connect the global gaming community through technology, creativity, experience, and financial components. As the gaming industry’s leading Transaction Engine and Business engine, Xsolla connects and adds value and opportunity for game developers, publishers, IP holders, and investors worldwide. Today, Xsolla’s products and services operate in more than 200 countries and territories, supporting more than 20 languages and over 700 payment methods.

Born in 1984, Agapitov grew up in Perm, Russia, in a challenging environment within the old Soviet Union. At 15, he drew upon his entrepreneurial spirit, strengths in math, and belief in the power of education to start an online currency exchange service, transitioning into the area of digital gaming and aggregation. He moved to the United States with his wife Yana in 2009.

Agapitov studied Mathematics and Computer Science at the University of Perm with post-graduate education at Harvard Business School, Wharton, and UCLA Anderson School of Management.


Web3 is for everyone. You are empowered to shape the future of the Web3 economy with X.LA and be directly rewarded for your contributions. You can work in any field. You can be a creator, an influencer, a contractor, a thinker, an inventor, or bring your own unique, personal talents; the X.LA metaverse welcomes all.

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Start here

As a community-driven enterprise, X.LA Foundation plans to highlight those who shared the journey with us from the very beginning. A long and interesting process is ahead of us with many unfolding opportunities emerging on the way. As a teaser for the major roadmap reveals, we are dropping our unique NFT collection. If you can gather the entire collection, you will receive–among other benefits–an invite to the private Telegram chat to take part in limited AMA sessions with the X.LA team.

First, “Founding Member“ NFTs will be spread between early followers who support our Discord and Telegram channels, follow us on social media, or become part of the team. All the links are available on the “Community” page. To claim your NFT, please fill in the claim form. Make sure to claim your NFTs while the countdown is still on.